President’s word

Welcome to your Chamber of Commerce,

The Chamber of Commerce is above all a group of business people, traders, manufacturers, professionals and mentors who believe in the economic development of our region. They wish to improve the quality of life of citizens there by creating and offering rewarding and stimulating jobs for them and thus improve the well-being of their families.

In this age of technology where the collective sense is losing some of its values, it is important that we keep our Chamber of Commerce strong in order to continue to innovate for the whole of the economic community of our region. The exchange of experiences and the search for new ideas lead to a lively economy and a pleasant social life.

Our Chamber of Commerce is proud of the services it offers to members:

  1. Mentoring service for entrepreneurs;
  2. Structured networking meetings;
  3. Meetings and conferences on multiple subjects, including HR;
  4. Business references and resources for business development;
  5. Positions in the defense of the interests of our members and our region, both industrialists and traders and others;
  6. A range of advantageous commercial advantages on business services designed to promote the economic prosperity of the members of our “business club”.

All merchants, entrepreneurs, industrialists and professionals must proudly display their Chamber memberships and actively participate in activities.

The members of the board of directors work together with the permanence team to offer you a range of activities that can be both useful and enjoyable.